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Time for another look at modern modular

Resolution:4 Architecture demonstrates why we loved this so much. There are a lot of now-famous architects that we used to write about on TreeHugger before they got big, along with their projects. One of my favourite was Resolution: 4 Architecture, which reinvented modern modular housing with the Dwell House and went on to specialize in it, surviving the Great Recession and then thriving to …

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Benefits of Modular Construction

Benefits of Modular Construction: It’s Like Big Legos Modular construction is having its own Renaissance right now—shedding the stigma of “prefab,” “manufactured homes,” or (horror of all horrors) the old “double-wide trailer.” High-end homes, apartment complexes, and even high-rise hospitals are going modular. In this age of automation, the traditional model of constructing homes and buildings—where materials arrive at the project site and are …

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Mortgage rates breaking new lows

Mortgage rates are now breaking to new lower territory, and they could stay there for months The average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage is falling again today, as investors rush into the bond market. The average lender today is offering a rate between 4.125 and 4.25 percent, with more aggressive lenders going to 3.875 percent for borrowers with pristine applications, according to Mortgage …

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Lower FICO Requirements

Getting approved for a mortgage is becoming easier as lenders are loosening their FICO score requirements and raising the ceiling on debt-to-income levels. All lenders are lowering credit qualifications across the board, but nonbank lenders lead the pack. Median FICO scores are around 713 for nonbanks compared with banks, where the median scores are 745, according to the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center …

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